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State of Biodiversity 2018

Keynote Speaker—Dr. Michael Soulé

Dr. Michael Soulé has had a long association with the Museum. When asked about his early days growing up in Southern California, he remarked, “I have a soft spot in my heart for SDNHM. I ‘grew up’ in the museum and discovered my home there. I didn’t know what to do with my strange urges as a naturalist until someone suggested I check out the museum. It saved my life in a way.”

This is high praise from the Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz, and founder and first president of the Society for Conservation Biology and The Wildlands Network. Considered by many to be the father of conservation biology as a research discipline, Dr. Soulé has written and edited many books on the subject and published more than 170 papers in journals. He is a Fellow of both the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, has received a Guggenheim Fellowship, and was the sixth recipient of the Archie Carr Medal. He was also named by Audubon Magazine as one of the 100 Champions of Conservation of the 20th Century, is a recipient of the National Wildlife Federation’s National Conservation Achievement Award for Science (1998) and the Conservation Medal from the Zoological Society of San Diego (2007), and was in the first class of recipients of The Edward O. Wilson Biodiversity Technology Pioneer Award in 2009.

Sessions and Speakers

Emerging threats to biodiversity

Edith Allen, Ph.D.
David Holway, Ph.D.
Anny Peralta Garcia Ph.D.
Shannon C. Lynch

Genomics and Conservation

Chris Funk, Ph.D.
Marshal Hedin, Ph.D.
Megan Supple, Ph.D.
Amy Vandergast, Ph.D.

Conservation Stories of Success and Struggle

Alison Anderson, Ph.D.
Ida Naughton
Lorenzo Rojas de Bracho, Ph.D.
Scott Tremor

Biodiversity and Landscape
Sergio Avila
Lori Hargrove, Ph.D.
James Hung, Ph.D.
Alexandra Syphard, Ph.D.