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Nat Talks, made possible with support from presenting sponsor The Downing Family Foundation and media partner KPBS, feature museum staff and outside experts speaking on an array of topics, including the latest in scientific research, history, conservation, and the natural world. Natural History 101 is a series of informal classes that offer a deep dive into the incredible biodiversity of our region. Purchase tickets by clicking on the link associated with each event. To view recoded talks and lectures, visit our YouTube playlist.

Upcoming Events

Nat Talk: Understanding Bird Behavior

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 6 PM

In this talk, biologist, conservationist, and nature guide Dr. Wenfei Tong offers the chance to learn all about avian behavior, including in the face of a changing environment.

Birds are social creatures that share complex relationships and exhibit a wide variety of quirky habits. They compete with each other for mates, divide up parental responsibilities, and have many complex strategies to help them survive in the wild on their own and when flying in a large group. Drawing from her two books, Understanding Bird Behavior: An Illustrated Guide to What Birds Do and Why and Bird Love: The Family Life of Birds, Wenfei Tong reveals how birds form families, find food, and cope with the threats of climate change. This talk is appropriate for both experienced ornithologists and those just beginning to discover the world of birds.

Note: you do not need to purchase tickets and do not need a Zoom account to attend the talk. You can help support The Nat by selecting the $12 suggested ticket price at checkout. 

Please consider buying your books locally. Understanding Bird Behavior and Bird Love are both available for pickup or shipping at The Book Catapult in San Diego.  

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