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Nat Talks, made possible with support from presenting sponsor The Downing Family Foundation and media partner KPBS, feature museum staff and outside experts speaking on an array of topics, including the latest in scientific research, history, conservation, and the natural world. Natural History 101 is a series of informal classes that offer a deep dive into the incredible biodiversity of our region. Purchase tickets by clicking on the link associated with each event. To view recoded talks and lectures, visit our YouTube playlist.

Upcoming Events

Nat Talk: Climate Change and California

Wednesday, January 20, 6 PM

From public health to business, what will climate change bring to California? Join The Nat and Climate Science Alliance for the first of several talks about the impact of climate change in our region, beginning with Dr. Richard Norris, paleontologist and oceanographer at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Imagine we had statewide forecasts of air pollution 10 or 20 years from now. What would we do differently to safeguard public health? What would happen to insurance costs or property value if we could accurately assess wildfire risks? What if we could predict future conditions for almonds, grapes, and apricots? How would this affect agricultural land and water prices? Consider how that knowledge would change where you live, how you conduct business, or even invest your savings. Richard's talk will explore where we are going as a state—our population, climate, and environment. If we can better predict what is coming, we can more effectively adapt and be a part of the solutions. 

This is the first talk in our climate change series. Throughout 2021, The Nat and Climate Science Alliance invite you to a crash course on the impacts of climate change in our region. These talks will take place seasonally and dive into the astoundingly varied consequences of our changing climate. The more we know, the better we can respond to what's happening. Join and be empowered.

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