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Summer 2021 Science Activity Kits

Take The Nat to-go with our Summer Science Activity Kits. Each one is designed with some of our favorite natural science themes: dinosaurs, insects, birds, and botany. Kits are recommended for ages 5-10 and will include hands-on activities, art projects, and nature adventures so you can create and explore at home. In addition, kits include two general admission tickets (a $38 value) so you can continue your exploration in the Museum. We will also send a special invitation to our monthly live program and share our favorite video experiences.

Choose a pick-up date when you purchase. Get yours while supplies last! Each kit is $33. Discounts are available for Museum members.

June: Dinosaur Explorer Kit

Start your summer off with a roar with a Dinosaur Explorer Kit. Highlights include a dinosaur dig kit, paleontology investigation materials, dinosaur art supplies, and more. Includes invitation to join our Live Lesson on June 25; lesson not required to complete kit. (No longer available.)

July: Insect Discovery Kit

Get outside and see the fantastic tiny world of insects with the Insect Discovery Kit. Highlights include a nature journal, bug hunting supplies, insect art materials, tickets to visit the Museum, and more. Includes invitation to join our Live Lesson on July 23; lesson not required to complete kit. (No longer available.)

August: Birds and Botany Investigation Kit

From up high in the sky to what grows in the ground, our Birds and Botany Investigation kit shares some of the best of nature’s wonders. Highlights include owl pellet, binoculars, seed and planting materials, and more. Includes invitation to join our Live Lesson on August 20; lesson not required to complete kit.

Select your pick-up dates for purchase:
Friday, August 13, 3-5 PM
Saturday, August 14, 9-11 AM

Lesson plans and guides

Looking for educational activities for kids? The Nat has lesson plans, online activities, and more for teachers and parents. While many were designed to be used during a museum visit, they contain good background information that is easily accessible for parents offering lessons from home. More.

Activities you can do at home

Stay busy—and learn something along the way. These family-friendly activities can be done at home or throughout your neighborhood. More.

Nature in your backyard

If you’re watching wildlife from your window or out for a neighborhood walk, you can identify local plants and animals. Online resources like our atlas projects and Coast to Cactus website help you identify what’s what. Plus, check out Nature Bytes, our online library of three-minute videos that deliver content on natural history topics in an easy-to-understand way. Don't recognize something you've seen? Snap a photo and share it to iNaturalist, where fellow nature lovers can help you ID it.

Explore the region—from home

San Diego is known for its incredible diversity of life. The Explore the Region from Coast to Cactus website offers users an easy way to journey through coastline, mountains, and deserts, to learn more about the plants and animals that call this region home. Don’t miss our related lesson plans that focus on pollinators, endangered species, wildfires, and other topics.

Nat TV

Join us as we take you behind the scenes of the Museum, out in the field with our researchers, or along for the ride as we explore nature at its best. View videos.

Stay connected

We hope you'll join our digital community! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to check out educational content, behind the scenes glimpses, inspirational nature photography, videos, and blogs featuring our latest research. Because science never stops.

Science blog

Our scientists are out in the field—and working from home—to document and identify specimens, survey wildlife for existing research projects, and more. Learn about what we’re up to—our science blog will keep you up to date. More.

Digital library of life

Scroll through hundreds of historic texts, images, field notes, and art with our digital library resources, including our new Flickr feed. For the paleontologist in your life, 3D models of select specimens in our paleontology collection are online (just check the box at top and click “submit”).

Water conservation resources

Find resources, partner websites, and facts about water use in Southern California on our web pages from the past exhibition, Water: A California Story.

Free desktop & mobile wallpapers

Tired of the boring wallpaper on your computer screen? Want a virtual background eye-catcher? These stunning wallpapers will turn your device into a nature-inspired knockout. More.

At The Nat

When our doors reopen, we invite you to check out these opportunities to keep your students psyched about the natural world.

Check out a specimen

Inspire your students with specimens from the Nature to You Loan Library. Members have access to more than 1,300 specimens representing the plant, animal, and geologic diversity of southern California, Baja California, and beyond. More.

Are you a Title I school?

Resources are available for qualified Title I schools to help support your field trip or outreach program. More.