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The Shark

  • Jim is sculpting a model of the huge prehistoric shark, Megalodon, which is then enlarged and installed in the exhibit.
  • A rubber mold is made of the model. A resin cast is then created and used to build the full-sized, 34-foot Megalodon.
  • Sculptors carved the full-sized shark in foam, inserting steel supports before more work is done.
  • To ship this giant beast across country and get it into the Museum, our Megalodon was cut into three sections.
  • Once in the Museum, the shark pieces are reassembled and hung in our atrium as part of Fossil Mysteries.
  • The shark is wrapped and ready to go.
  • A welder installs the mounting brackets to hang the 34 foot long shark.
  • Megalodon shark pieces in our Atrium awaiting assembly.
  • Shark Assembly 101.
  • Shark fin reattached to the body.
  • The Megalodon is prepped for its final coat of paint.
  • Hanging the Megalodon shark.
  • A unique Atrium view...
  • Final positioning of the Megalodon shark.
  • View of the Megalodon shark from the 2nd floor.
  • The final product, a Megalodon shark "swimming" in our Atrium.