Teacher Kits

Bring the natural world back to your classroom with the Nature to You Loan Program Teacher Kits. Each kit includes lesson plans, books, materials and museum specimens to engage and inspire your students. All Lesson plans are aligned with California State and NGSS Standards.

All Teacher Kits are available to Nature to You Loan Program annual members for two-week loan for $25. Contact us to learn more: loanprogram@sdnhm.org or 619-255-0236.

A special thank you to our partners at Climate Science Alliance and their Climate Kids Traveling Trunks.

Native Land, Native People (Grades 3-4)

The Kumeyaay People relied on their relationship to nature, native plants and animals as the primary resources for their survival. This kit allows students to explore the lives of the first people to inhabit San Diego County.  Students can grind acorns, scrape yucca leaves for fiber, discover how plants and animals provided food, clothing and shelter. Step back into history and experience Kumeyaay tradition. 

Rock On! (Grade 2) and Rock On! (Grade 4)

Discover the splendor and science that exists right under your feet! San Diego is one of the most famous gem-producing regions in the world, but where do these minerals come from, how are they formed and why are they important? These kits will help students answer these questions as we explore the dynamic forces continually changing Earth.

Mammal Adaptations (K-12)

Mammals live in nearly every place on our planet. Through evolution and adaption, mammals are able to not only survive but thrive in many different environments.  This kit explores how mammals have changed over time through locomotion and feeding to survive daily life in the wild.  

Watershed Model (3-12)

Everyone lives in a watershed! What is it and why is it important? This hands-on model encourages student understanding of the huge impact we can have on our water quality and the areas that are fed by our watersheds. 

Carnivores (K-12)

In partnership with the Climate Science Alliance, check out this Climate Kids Traveling Trunk. Through science, art, and storytelling activities, students will gain a deeper understanding of carnivores and their importance in our region. Investigate how a changing climate and increased human activity will affect these animals and their connections to the circle of life. 

Oceans (K-12)

In partnership with the Climate Science Alliance, this ClimateKids Traveling Trunk studies the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems. Though Ocean Acidification and warming, students will learn the current science and how our oceans are being affected with art, storytelling and hand-on science activities.

Pollinators (K-12)

In partnership with the Climate Science Alliance, check out this Climate Kids Traveling Trunk . Students will explore what pollinators are and the important role they play in our lives. How will a changing climate plus increased human activity affect them and our food production? Find the answer to these questions with hands on science activities, art and storytelling.