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Museum Philanthropists

Ellen Browning Scripps

To many San Diegans, the name Ellen Browning Scripps brings to mind the buildings and institutions named after her family, such as Scripps Memorial Hospital and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Many people also know that Scripps gave generously to the San Diego Natural History Museum, but who was the woman behind the philanthropist? More

The Sefton Family

An interest in ornithology led Joseph W. Sefton, Jr. to join the Society of Natural History in 1922. His commitment to the scientific mission of the museum continues to guide the study of the flora, fauna and geology of the greater San Diego region to this day.

Mary Hollis Clark

First a member of the Covey volunteer group, Clark was associated with the Museum for over twenty-five years. With a personal appreciation of and genuine curiosity about native plants, birds, and all our local wildlife, Clark actively supported research carried out at the Museum. More